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I’m a family girl.  I’m happiest when I’m around my husband and two kids (13 & 10).  Well, truthfully, that really is dependent on their attitudes. :) My attitude is irrelevant because, well, I’m mom.  You know the saying, “Happy wife, happy life” or “If mama ain’t happy… somebody better get her a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate.  And new shoes.”  Wait, that’s not how it goes?

Having a background in Speech Pathology, Elementary Education, and Direct Sales, I have a passion for kids, people, and the positive.  Passion for the positive?  Could be that I struggled with depression for many years.  Funny most people would’ve never even guessed that, but it’s true.  I’ve certainly had my fill of feeling “less than”, which really was on me.  How we feel comes from us, not them.  But, I’ve also had my fill of others helping to perpetuate that feeling in people.  Come on, when we already feel bad about ourselves, it’s not hard for others to jump on board and kick you when you’re down…and they may not even know you’re down, but still give a good kick.  I hate that.

I love to laugh.  I love my friends.  I love music (I’m a product of the 80s & 90s so new wave, hair bands, grunge, and I have a 13 year old so all stuff new - love it all) I love a good bottle, I mean glass, of wine, and I love a good night’s sleep – and not necessarily in that order.  I love to run – mostly because it clears my head, but I don’t need 26.2 miles to clear it – only 2-3miles.  Wait, what? 

About being 40?  My eyes were opened at 40.  I love 40 – although I wish I could’ve seen the world like I do today about 10 years ago…but then we wouldn’t be HERE, now, would we?

Life is good.  Life is really good.  My favorite quote is from the song, Heart and Soul by Gary Go:   “It took some time to realize, but it just occurred to me – that what we have is what we choose to see…”

So choose to see love and realize that you’ve got this.  You’ve totally got this.


The World Needs You,

Amy Logan
Motivational Speaker * Author * Difference Maker