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It’s crazy the places life takes you.  Remember Dr. Seuss’, Oh The Places You’ll Go?  Some places you love and actually envisioned yourself at; others leave you looking around, like “Are you flippin’ KIDDING ME???  How in the world did I end up HERE??” 

That’s where I was several years ago, and let’s just say it was NEVER where I envisioned myself!

Looking back, had I not been “there,” A Girl With A Cape would’ve never happened.  There are significant moments in our lives that we can look back on and see, that although we thought we had missing puzzle pieces of our lives, when none of it made any sense at all, turns out we DID have all the right pieces, we were just jamming them into the wrong spots! 

I know that many of you feel the exact same way.  And that’s ok.  It’s because you have emotion!  Hello!!  Without emotion, we are zombies just going THROUGH the motions.  Who wants to do that when we are only given so much time here on earth?  When you have emotion, there is passion; there is a deeper insight that, “Hmmmm….something’s not right.”  And THAT, my friends, is where the journey REALLY begins.  At least, that’s what started mine.  At forty.  With crow’s feet.  And gray hair…  And I know it’s not just me (that sounds like a great title for my next book!  Hmmmm...)

Know of a group who needs to hear this message?  That they were BORN to MAKE A DIFFERENCE? 

Contact me and have me come share the ins and outs of everything super.  OK, and some things not so super, but definitely changeable!


Filmed on location - Hearts at Home - March 2015